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Con artist, Portia Lumas, was once a wealthy woman, who was married to a well-known surgeon. She had it all, until one mistake cost her everything. She bails on her court date for fear of going to jail and decides to skip town with her young daughter, Sophia, in tow. Using different aliases and stolen credit cards, the pair settles in a new state.

With the body of a grown woman, Sophia's curves are dangerous! Now a teenager, Sophia, utilizes her seductive skills and becomes a force to be reckoned with. She will do anything to keep mother-dearest happy. Sophia and Portia's relationship is inseparable. When their backs are against the wall, they take measures into their own hands. When a murder occurs in their neighborhood, the pair leaves town and head overseas.

Portia befriends Adalbert, a wealthy businessman. He furnishes her a place to stay, among other things. Once settled, Sophia has plans of her own that don't sit well with Adalbert. Meanwhile, Portia marries Adalbert, who quickly finds out about his wife's candid past and uses it against her to get rid of her daughter. When things don't go the way Portia anticipates, there is hell to pay. Through all the turmoil, deceit, and transgressions, can Portia and Sophia make it back to the states alive?

Inseparable is a twisted, dramatic, and fast paced story about how far a daughter will go to protect her mother.



Terri Mosley resides at one of Philly's prominent churches, alongside Pastor Jerome Clark. Married to her former pimp, the prostitute-turned-Evangelist has a weakness when it comes to spending more time at the church than at home with her husband, Deacon Richard Mosley.

While Terri is struggling to make her marriage a priority, her union to Richard caused tension between herself and her step-kids, following a dark secret that shadows over the happy couple. Even though she's already dealing with enough turmoil, Terri is being blackmailed and is forced to take a trip back home to Bristol to face family members she hasn't seen in over a decade. When things in her life start to happen unexpectedly, Terri is hell-bent on solving a mystery she thought was put to rest years ago. She is willing to commit every act of sin to satisfy her hidden desires and remains the Pastor's right-hand empress. But when Richard is tempted to fall back on his old tricks, Evangelist Terri may have to take a few steps back.

Pastor Jerome Clark is a minister at St. Luke Church of Christ and has built a name for himself while trying to focus on his growing congregation. One thing that stands in his way of reaching the altitude of a world-renowned pastor is the temptation of the female flesh. Behind the black cassock clergy robe lies a sinner. On the other hand, First Lady Julia knows her husband all too well and delivers him the best gift that will change his life. Julia is saved but has a way of feeding her flesh. She has a hidden agenda that will explode at the biggest event held at St. Luke Church, leaving members of the congregation flabbergasted.



A widow, Camille Young, wants nothing more but to have someone to call her own; with the right man of course. Just when she thinks she found him in Greg Langston - a smart, sexy, and brilliant attorney - who is very married and expecting his first child with his wife, Michelle, their future gets put on hold. When things don't go Camille's way as she hoped, the pain of her past resurfaces.


Camille has a plan that will affect everyone around her. When Greg's wife is targeted, Greg turns to Camille for answers. Was this part of her plan?...Suddenly, Greg finds himself in a situation with a woman who will stop at nothing to make him her own, even if it means destroying his family and her own life. Camille's entire world seems to unravel as she spirals out of control, not letting anything or anyone get in her way.


Someone To Call My Own is a compelling story of lies, desperation, betrayal, and the consequences that follow when an encounter with the wrong woman has a man fighting to save the lives of the ones he love.



Forever His Wife is a provocative story of love, hope, commitment, and heartache as a love affair threatens a marriage and silence hides a secret while a life hangs in the balance.

Ava and Ryan are the ideal couple. They share two children together and seem like the perfect family. Ava is a successful bestselling author who lives her life putting her family first. While Ava is busy enjoying her wonderful life, she dismisses signs of a detrimental future.

Ryan on the other hand is keeping busy with the other woman in his life, Sharon. But soon Ava learns of Ryan's infidelity and she never considers divorcing him. Instead, she decides to fight to save her marriage. Ava's entire future is up for grabs as she fights an uphill battle between the love for her husband and a war with the other enemy that has come to take her life.

Ryan once blindsided by lust gives his marriage a second thought. But is it too late to win back the one thing he once loved the most?



As Terri tries to redeem herself, she stumbles across some information that puts her and Richard in a financial crisis. Still trying to clean up her image and put the past behind her, she is now given a second chance as the co-pastor of St. Francis Church alongside, Pastor Kim Russell. Like Terri, Pastor Kim Russell has also been through some things and knows what it means to forgive.


Richard is now a new father to his three-month old daughter, Elise. With Erin still in the picture, she makes it difficult for Terri to walk a straight and narrow path. Forced to revisit her past, Terri is tempted to put herself back into more wrongdoing that could potentially cost her everything, for good. Terri is also still struggling with the idea of repairing her relationship with her family. Being open to having her family gather together under one roof for Thanksgiving would require much prayer and patience. Or would it do more damage, than good?


Hypocrisy, dishonesty, and fabrication are composed of this final installment. With new and old faces emerging, Terri is battling to restore herself. Will temptation get the best of her? Or will she get drawn deeper and deeper to bring her and Richard out their crisis? One things for sure, God sees and hears everything. What’s done in the dark, always comes to light. 



Real love doesn’t hurt, does it? College sweethearts, Val and Bird, had everything going for them; from great careers to promising futures. Val was so deeply in love with Bird that she was blind-sided when his past invaded their present and he suddenly began to change. It didn’t take long for Val to realize that the man of her dreams had two sides. Val had invested years in him and figured he would eventually return to the man she’d fallen in love with. Unfortunately, it only got worse. However, the constant lies, a child outside their relationship, and the mental and physical abuse were not enough for Val to leave him. When a horrific incident almost costs her life, she finally gains the strength to walk away.

Years later, as she’s finally putting the pieces of her life back together, Bret comes along and gives her another outlook on life. Learning of the abuse she suffered, Bret wins her over by mending the scars from her past, making her happy and protecting her. Will Val’s love for Bret be strong enough to overshadow her past hurt?


A very exciting night brings her face-to-face with her abuser and it’s nothing more than a reunion of shock. When Bret and Bird faceoff, there’s bound to be some tension. Will Val be able to keep it together, or will she run back to what broke her? Find out how it all unfolds in this tale of abuse, love, hate, and the internal struggle between what was and what can be. Will Val give Bird, her first love, another chance or will her heart choose Bret, the man who healed it?

James and Logan Special Mission (Available in English & Spanish)

James and Logan Special Mission: A Book About Speech Therapy and Overcoming Challenges

In this story, readers are introduced to James and Logan. These exceptional brothers are smart, talented, and special in their own way. Although they share many things in common, one thing they struggle with is their speech. Going to speech classes help them with their speaking skills, how to be confident, and help them learn that it’s ok to be different. James and Logan, are on a special mission to help others just like them. But, will they give up, or quit, when it gets hard?

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