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In this story, readers are introduced to James and Logan. These exceptional brothers are smart, talented, and special in their own way. Although they share many things in common, one thing they struggle with, is their speech. Going to speech classes help them with their speaking skills, how to be confident, and help them learn that it’s ok to be different. James and Logan, are on a special mission to help others just like them. But, will they give up, or quit, when it gets hard?

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En esta historia, los lectores conocen a James y Logan. Estos hermanos excepcionales son inteligentes, talentosos y especiales a su manera. Aunque comparten muchas cosas en común, una cosa con la que luchan es su habla. Ir a clases de oratoria los ayuda con sus habilidades para hablar, cómo tener confianza y ayudarlos a aprender que está bien ser diferente. James y Logan están en una misión especial para ayudar a otros como ellos. Pero, ¿se darán por vencidos o renunciarán cuando se ponga difícil?


James loves sports, and when he decided to try out for the basketball team, his brother Logan decided to try out too. Both brothers make the team. Logan was upset that he couldn’t dribble or shoot like his brother. He felt as though he just wasn’t good enough because of the attention his brother was getting from the cheering crowd. That is until he discovered his soccer talent. Follow along on this journey where Logan learns that when you aren’t good at one thing, it doesn’t mean you won't be great at something else.

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